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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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La Fédération canadienne pour l’alphabétisation en français

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This is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the fighting with the illiteracy (in French) in Canada and brings together various local groups, linking them.
Daniel Lavoie represents FCAF since 1996.

Daniel: «I'm for, that all will be able to read and write, that all have equal opportunities to learn. I'm for, that all could read small texts at the bottom of the treaties. I'm for, that all could write a letter to other people and say what they think about. I'm for, that all have an alternative to television, when time to form your own opinion finally comes. When you state something, you should make every effort to implement your ideas». Adressing to parents, he said: «If our children see us reading, and if we tell them about the pleasure of it, they will definitely develop a taste for this».


School «Jours de plaine»

To preserve the French language in his native Anglophone province, Daniel becomes the school chief of the native (French) language. This school is located in Sainte Rose du Lac (Manitoba, Canada), and was opened in August 1995. It was named after his song «Jours de Plaines», written for the same named movie.


Journal FCAF - Foreword by Daniel Lavoie

Reading is practical for work, taxes, operational instructions, tickets, restaurant menus, arrival and departure displays at airports, bus stations… For reading the subtitles of foreign films… In order to know, where to go out of the underground… For reading the news, when your TV is in the repair shop… For reading Christmas cards by our deputies and government… In order to know, whether we won with our lotto ticket… Practical, practical, practical… Good novel, when you finally found a place on a train or airplane. Taxes, when you completed the declaration. Free newspaper, which is being read at a restaurant, when you finally chose what to eat. Love letters and letters to friends, computer and Internet games. Brochures of the vacancies and a good book, which you relish while sitting in a lawn chair with a pina colada. To reveal an interesting story and deepen it as we want to. The opportunity to be curious is the same as the desire to exist and to know, that someone who is looking for, will always find. This magazine, you'll see, is full of stories. It will bring pleasure and cause curiosity. Note, fun and curiosity often have very useful implications.

 With my warmest regards, Daniel Lavoie



Daniel Lavoie took part in the release «Les Rondes», the audiotape with children songs, which can be found in the compilation «Montre-moi» (FCAF, 1999).

The compilation for the illiteracy eradication.

Francophone parents who are not accustomed to reading in French, and who have a child under school age now have at their disposal a simple and practical tool, that allows them to play an educational role. Canadian Federation for French Literacy (FCAF) released the compilation - «Montre-moi», which is aimed at enhancing the parents role in teaching their children French language. It is addressed to all Francophone parents who have a pre-school children. The author-composer-singer Daniel Lavoie, who is the official representative of the Federation (FCAF) since 1996, specially selected and performed 20 songs, traditional for francophone heritage, which can be heard on the audiotape. "The songs - Monsieur Lavoie tells – which had been sung by grandparents. I chose the ones which I found the most suitable. Mostly joyful and funny songs, "- he adds." His choice criterion was simple: "I would like them to be so accessible for children at 4 years old as well as for those ones at 74. I would like it to be pleasant and funny for everyone. "
 He said that he had the opportunity to participate in the project actively... simply because he asked to do so.
 «And then I saw the dossier, I understood. What is illiteracy and literacy training to be like and I was aware that the problem really was the cause of suffering for many people. "The vice-president of the Federation, Margo Fauchon, emphasized the importance of parents in children raising:"The parents are primarily responsible for their children upbringing. The compilation raised the value of the daily efforts being made by parents to raise their kids». For the Deputy Minister, Norman Moyer, «to know the language means to have a key to the treasure chest».
 Monsieur Moyer even admitted that he ordered the one for his two-year old nephew, who was born by the Anglophone mother and Francophone father and who lives in America. ( The article by Francophone Press Association. March 1999) .


Daniel took part in the message to attract public attention to the family struggle against illiteracy, which appeared on television and radio in February 2000.


Action Printemps des lettres was designed to encourage people to learn reading and writing. Each year, Daniel defies the people who are learning to read and write. He invites these people to write him a few phrases and send their message by email.

Louise Dubuc, Daniel`s wife, also wrote a book for the association FCAF. This is a collection of stories, entitled «L'estime de soi». (A collection of 14 stories in order to understand how illiterate people really live.)
Numerous fans of Daniel from different countries learn French in order to understand their idol and have an opportunity to write letters to him. Thus, we can say, that the activities of the fund extended far beyond Quebec and spread throughout the world.