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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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Printemps des lettres


Daniel took part in the project «Printemps des letters». Thanks to this action those people, who have been learning to write, wrote letters to Daniel. All the letters were collected into a book. Several letters he has read on radio.


Once again Daniel participated in «Printemps des letters» in 2004. Adults, who have been learning to read and write, were invited to write a letter to Daniel. That year's theme was: «What was the most compelling motivation for you to start learning?» All the letters were collected into a book. Daniel finally has recorded a CD with this material.


Daniel has received 245 letters during 2004-2005`s period. Students answered the following question: «What was the most significant thing you acquired during literacy courses?»


We can found 324 reasons to support the efforts of students to learn, while leafing through a collection «Printemps des letters» 2006. This year, students were explaining to Daniel, why it was so important to them - to learn to write.


For the registration of «Printemps des letters-2007», Daniel has invited people, who were learning to read and write. They told him about their dreams. He received 362 letters. «We are dreaming to do some things ourselves: to write down our memories and thoughts on a paper, to be able to read fairy tales to our children or grandchildren. We are dreaming about the joys, small and big, to learn to dance, to win the lottery and to help others to travel with someone who is dear to them ...»


Action «Printemps des Lettres» 2008, was some kind of the path of memories, told by students, who have been learning to read and write. In response to invitation, received from Daniel, they shared their best memories, whether it was memories of childhood or adolescence, vacations or travels, memory of books or some special day in their lives. This Compilation was published in an updated format, which, we hope, will be more practical and easier to handle.


About 300 adult students from 9 provinces and one region told Daniel about actions, activities, hobbies and commitments, which are contributed to make this world the better place: support of the family and society, ownership, participation in community activities at the center for learning of the adults. In this book you will find a lot of texts, which testify to the efforts of people, who wrote it. These people are gaining their freedom. They deserve our encouragement.


During 2010, action «Printemps des letters» took a break, but not for your creative genius, and especially not for your involvement in this project! FCAF invites all participants, scattered across the country, to celebrate «The Canadian Adult Learners Week», which will be held in March 20-26, 2010. Moreover, students, taking part in the training centers for adults in Quebec, will be able to participate in the «Big Read», organized in collaboration with ICEA from March 17 to April 26 2010. Adults, who are interested in this project and are invited by ICEA and its numerous partners, should be informed at their centers of learning, their centers of fighting with the illiteracy, by ICEA online and through regional committees, responsible for organizing «The Quebec Week».


The next event «Les Printemps des letters méditerranées» will be held in May 6-8 2011.