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If I would like to make the best compliment to the singer, it would be: he has his own style.
You hear him singing, and you do not even to know the song - it's Daniel Lavoie.

Bruno Pelletier

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Guy St-Onge


«Music! Mother of all arts!»

(Guy St-Onge)

Guy St-Onge is a man of many talents. A conductor, an arranger, a multi-instrumentalist and a music director, this Canadian can be found in numerous fields. He was a music director for several TV shows such as the Métrostar, Célébration, Artis galas…As an arranger and a composer, he has worked for talk shows Ad-Lib, Chabada, Ca va être ta fête, Vero etc. He has also worked on the writing and directing musicals Don Juan and Sherazade.
He has made more than a hundred albums, and most of them were distinguished at the top of the charts. For the last 25 years, he has owned a recording studio. In 2009 he founded Guy St-Onge Sound Recorder Complex and equipped it with all the cutting-edge technologies for the audio.

 Guy St-Onge: I designed Studio Référence in 1989, after thinking long and hard about the connections that could exist between an environment dedicated to the creation of music and the technical demands of making audiophile quality recordings.

The choice of St-Calixte (a municipality and town in the Lanaudière region of Quebec) as the location for Studio Référence was based on two criteria: the tranquility and natural beauty of the area.
My aim was to construct a temple for music that was also a studio with cutting edge technology.
In the last 20 years nearly 200 projects have been recorded at Studio Référence.

In 2006 I doubled the size of the complex in order to have the ultimate addition any studio could possess: a world class mastering room, Pure Mastering. My quest for pure sound as well as my need to offer to musicians and artists an ideal place for creation has over the years resulted in what we now have today: Guy St-Onge Recording Facilities Studio

Philippe Brault:  I remember that 3 or 4 years ago, in the recording studio I had built, there were wallpaper images of a place that seemed like paradise for all sane musicians who have ever dreamed of recording an album ... Guy St-Onge's StudioRéférence

Maeva Meline: I would like to name all the marvellous people I have had the honor to work with, because without them we can do very little: Thank you Guy St-Onge, our Santa Claus and on top of that - the orchestral conductor;)

As for CDs, he has worked with many international artists: David Bowie, Céline Dion and several others (he lately realized Gregory Charles and Ima’s albums). After collaboration with Michel Legrand, he emerged as a conductor.
He has also collaborated with several well-known symphony orchestras, such as The Prague Symphony Orchestra and The Montreal Symphony Orchestra. He also worked with the symphony orchestras of Quebec and Vancouver.

Guy St-Onge has a jazz trio (Patricia Deslauriers Trio) that plays in Canada and Europe.


The trio's new album, «Lucky Lucky» is an exiting rendition of Richard Desjardins’s music by Guy St-Onge, Paul Brochu et Patricia Deslauriers. Instrumental music with the piano so genuine is feels as good as a massage. This relaxing music removes all the stress of your day.

He has recently conducted the Kiev Symphony Orchestra during «Notre Dame de Paris, the concert» with the original cast in Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Paris (Bercy), and «Mozart l'opéra rock, the concert» in Russia and Kiev. Guy has also orchestrated both events.


Guy St-Onge: I can’t keep it to myself! One of my cherished dream is going to be realized: I will direct the AVE VERUM CORPUS de Mozart with the choir and orchestra of Kiev (Ukraine)in Moscow, St-Petersbourg and Kiev in february 2013!!

I’ve received such magnificent gifts only several times in my life. Tonight in Kiev we premiere the «MOZART OPERA ROCK, the CONCERT». Three months of writing, a week of rehearsal, incredible symphony orchestra of 70 musicians, a great and powerful choir of 40 voices, a dream team ..I know, I know... It all sounds too good to be true, but (do not tell anyone) I still feel a bit like they have the wrong address!!!! This is too good to be true!! Thank you life.

What a great success and happiness! The adventure «MOZART OPERA ROCK, the CONCERT» begins brilliantly! The enthusiastic public, perfect sound and breathtaking lighting
..Happiness: Being with my son Matisse (9 years) in St. Petersburg and directing the orchestra!


About «Notre Dame de Paris, the concert»: Mission complete. We gave happiness to thousands of people! The only sadness is that I leave behind the Kiev Symphony Orchestra .... Fantastic musicians, sensible people and especially FRIENDS FOR LIFE! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) See you soon my friends Ukrainians!

Guy St-Onge: One of the best photos of the concert in Moscow! The great Daniel Lavoie!


Guy St-Onge: Daniel! I’ve known you as a singer, but recently I’ve discovered you as an extraordinary man and a great friend. You are a gift in my life!

In Russia the name of Guy St-Onge has become a symbol of genius. Russian fans held this poster during «Notre Dame de Paris, the concert».


Guy St-Onge: Is that my name ????????????

Fans: Yes, it is a part of a banner GUYnialno (=génial) which we raised at the end 08.03.

Guy St-Onge: Wow! That's a first in my career........ I am touched right in the heart! Thank you everybody ! XXXXXXXX

Guy St-Onge was born in Montreal. He is married and has 5 children. (I am a father 5 times...It is an extraordinary happiness and joy.)


Gregory Charles (Loin de la lumière, I Think Of You )
Ima (Smile, A La Vida)
Céline Dion
Giorgia Fumanti
Daniel Bélanger
Beau Dommage
Don Juan (Comédie musicale)
Sherazade (Comédie musicale)
Paul Horn
Michel Legrand
Angèle Dubeau
Nathalie Choquette
Jean-Pierre Zanella
La Volée d’Castors
Claude Barzotti
Gérard Lenormand
Martin Deschamps
Annie Villeneuve (Noël chez moi)
Anne Bisson (Portraits and Perfume, Blue Mind) и.т.д.